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Dental Care

animal dental care This is how your pet's teeth will look after they are cleaned!

Did you know that any type of dental disease takes a toll on the heart, kidneys, and other organs? Bacteria from the mouth floats around in the blood vessels and enters vital organs. This bacteria will cause early heart and kidney disease if not treated. Teeth cleaning can be done at any age, even our senior friends. At Flushing Animal Hospital we will provide a full teeth cleaning for your pet. Your pet's teeth will be scaled with an ultrasonic scaler, polished to help prevent plaque from forming, and finally, flouride will be applied to strengthen the enamel. If needed, we are able to extract severely diseased teeth. Your pet will be closely monitored while under anesthesia, carefully watching their breathing rate, heart rate, and body temperature. Our teeth cleaning patients are checked in in the morning and are able to go home later that evening, just as soon as we have made sure they are fully awake.

We also offer a specific diet plan to help prevent dental disease.

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