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Recommendations To Increase Surgical Safety

Although we have only a few requirements for surgery, we feel very strongly that a few of the recommendations below are crucial for the safety and health of your beloved pet both during and after anesthesia. Please consider them carefully and if you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss them with you. Surgery recommendations are as follows:

Preanesthetic Bloodwork
For all pets (of any age) we run a brief profile to ensure that your pet does not have any undetected conditions. We also offer our wellness profile - which is a test we send out prior to surgery.
Preanesthetic bloodwork is required because your pet cannot tell us how they are feeling, or may not necessarily present with any signs of illness outwardly, here are some of the things that we can do to find out how your dogs body is functioning.
Preanesthetic bloodwork is designed to monitor and check: functions of the kidneys, liver, and pancreas as well as much more. Checking these functions is highly important before putting a patient under anesthesia.

Our wellness profile goes into much more depth about organ functions as mentioned above, and also includes thyroid testing. This bloodwork may be required for patients with more serious medical conditions and needing less routine surgeries/procedures.

Supportive Care During Surgery
Although your pet will already be closely monitored during and after their surgery, there are other things that can be done to be sure that your pet has as close to a flawless recovery as possible.

Intravenous fluids, also known as "IV" fluids, also help the liver and kidneys to filter out the anesthetics after surgery. IV fluids also help to maintain blood pressure and provide instant access to the venous system in an emergency situation.

Pain Medication
Although pain medication is not a requirement for surgery, it is VERY highly recommended. Having an organ/tumor, or any other part incised, or removed, can be extremely painful. Giving them pain medication will help your pet to recover from their surgery by greatly decreasing their discomfort, allowing them to rest easier.
Depending on the age of your pet, our recommendations may vary.

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