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Cat Hotel

During their stay, all of our cat friends are provided with: Science Diet Adult or Kitten Original dry formula food (fed as closely to your pet's regular schedule as possible), stainless steel bowls, a lamb's wool fleece blanket, litter, and a litter box. You are more than welcome to bring your own food from home as we do not provide specialized diets, treats, canned or moist foods Your cat's favorite belongings from home are always welcome including: beds, blankets, pillows, toys, and treats for example. However, although we do our best to make sure these items return home with you, we are not responsible for lost or damages items. Because of this, we would suggest leaving at home anything that is of importance or value. We also suggest that you do not bring stainless steel bowls as we provide these and are oftentimes unable to distinguish between yours and our own.


Cat Run: $16.50 per night

2 Cats In A Run: $33 per night

Minimum Charge (1 cat): $33

**Call for Holiday rates


Additional Charges


TLC (Tender Loving Care Session): 10 Minutes: $7

Medication Given 1x Daily: $4

                         2x Daily: $5

                         3x Daily: $6


For an explanation of these charges, please call.


Pet Hotel Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times:

Call for details.

Full payment is due for all services in full when you pick your pet up. If someone other than yourself will be picking your pet up, please send them with full payment or pre-pay at check-in as we are not able to do any billing.

Schedule An Appointment Or Pet Hotel Reservation

**All walk-ins will be subject to a convenience fee of $30.

Flushing Animal Hospital & Pet Hotel

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Office Hours

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Thursday: CLOSED

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Sunday: CLOSED

Payment Options

We accept cash, Visa**, MasterCard**, American Express**, and Discover**.

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