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Canine Influenza Vaccine: $40.50

Canine Influenza virus is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs caused by a specific type A influenza virus. This disease was originally seen in horses and has adapted to cause illness in dogs. It is now spread between dogs and causes coughing, runny nose, and fever. A small portion of dogs will develop severe cases of the disease, which can turn into pneumonia. The canine influenza virus cannot easily be distinguished from other cases of respiratory infection based on clinical signs alone. It is often mistaken for kennel cough and other respiratory infections. It is spread by direct contact with respiratory secretions from infected dogs, though air via cough or sneeze, and by contaminated objects such as dog bowls and clothing, or by people moving between infected and uninfected dogs. This vaccine is recommended for dogs that attend training classes, boarding kennels, humane societies, pet shops or stores, dog shows, veterinary hospitals grooming salons, your local dog park, or those families that travel to places that have already presented with carriers of the disease. This disease is currently in the surrounding states of Michigan. This vaccine is updated yearly.

*There is a $1.98 Medical Waste Disposal Fee per visit with these vaccines. No office call or exam fee will be charged unless your pet is a new patient or is ill and is being examined for a condition.

We would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about vaccination against these diseases.

Courtesy of Schering Plough


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