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Additional Services

During your furry friend's stay with us, there are may services that can be done to either maximize their enjoyment, or save you time by having it done while they're here with us. There is not need to make an appointment, just let us know when your pet check's in and we will make sure the procedure is done before you return to pick them up! Optional services are as follows:

TLCs (Tender Loving Care Sessions) - An additional 10 minute walk, personal play or care session, designed to make your pet's stay even more pleasant. The cost of a TLC is $6.75 per 10 minute session per pet.

Medication Administration - If your pet needs medication during their stay with us, bring it in with you (even insulin!) and we will administer it as closely to their regular schedule as possible.


Veterinary Care - Upon admission your pet will be examined for obvious medical problems by our experienced animal care staff. If any conditions are noted, we will make the appropriate recommendations for your pet. In the event of an emergency, we will provide the treatment necessary to stabilize or treat your pet until you can be reached.

Nail Trim - Nail trimming is an important aspect of your pet's health, especially when boarding. If your pet's nails are too long, they are in danger of getting caught in the grates, breaking, or even ripped out which could be painful! In some cases, if they are too long, we may require that they are cut during your pet's stay to try and prevent this from happening. The cost of a routine Nail Trim is $20.00-26.00*

*The cost could be as much as $26.00 if your pet is very uncooperative or aggressive.

Wellness Blood Work Profile - The wellness blood work profile is a discounted blood panel that is sent out to Marshfield Labs and includes a CBC (Complete Blood Count), a 20-panel organ profile, and thyroid testing. For all pets over the age of 3 years, it is recommended that an annual blood test be done to detect disease processes at an earlier stage, helping your furry friend reach and maintain an optimum level of health. the wellness panel is $129.00 for cats and dogs (a heartworm test may be added to the dog profile for an additional $20.00).


Anal Gland Expression - Does your pet scoot their bottom across the floor? Are they constantly licking their bottom? If so, they could have impacted anal glands. Our technician can easily and painlessly check your pet's anal glands and clean them out, helping your beloved friend get the relief they deserve. The cost to express anal glands is $21.78.

Micro-Chipping - Having your pet micro-chipped can be a life saving measure. If you have a wandering dog or an indoor-outdoor cat, a micro-chip can save them from being confused with a stray at a local shelter. They are easily placed under the skin between the shoulder blades with a needle, which is usually quick and painless. The cost of the micro-chip is $30.00 and there is an activation fee of $19.99 payable to "HomeAgain".


Canine Heartworm Test - In as little as 10 minutes, with a quick and painless blood test, we can determine if your dog contracted heartworm disease last season. Heartworm disease is an often fatal, easily preventable disease that is spread by mosquitoes. With a once monthly, affordable heartworm medication, prevention has never been easier. With the cost of treating heartworm disease ranging from $500 to $1000, why not spend pennies a day to test and prevent it from happening? The cost of the canine heartworm test is $45.50 and it is done annually.

Feline Intestinal Parasite Fecal Test - Did you know that outdoor and even indoor pets can be at risk of carrying intestinal parasites? With a fresh fecal sample, we can look under the microscope for worm and parasite eggs. Did you know that parasites and worms are transmittable to you and your family? By having a fecal sample tested, you are protecting not only your pet, but but your family as well. To make it even easier on you, we can collect this fecal sample while your pet is staying with us so you never have to! the cost of an Intestinal Parasite Fecal Test is $30.00 and is should be done every 6 months. This test is required for canines because they walk in the same outdoor park.


Canine Lyme Vaccine - Lyme disease is transmitted to both dogs and people by the painless bite of a tick. This disease may result in conditions ranging in severity from lack of appetite to chronic arthritis to lameness in addition to many more conditions. It is most common in the northern United States and is recommended for your dog if you live near or travel to wooded areas or areas with wildlife (most small to large sized mammals such as mice, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, and deer). The cost of the Lyme's vaccines is $41.50 and it is updated annually.

Canine Influenza Vaccine - Canine Influenza Virus, similar to H1N1 for people, is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs that is spread through dog to dog contact. It has similar signs and symptoms to "kennel cough" but does not respond to the treatment as well and can develop into pneumonia. There have been no cases in this area so far, but it is in the surrounding states. This vaccine is strongly recommended for dogs that attend training classes, visit humane societies, pet shops and stores, boarding kennels, dog parks, or those families that travel to places already containing the virus. The initial cost of the vaccine is $60.00 and that cost includes the initial dose and a booster dose given 2-4 weeks later. Annual updates of this vaccine are $41.00.


Feline Leukemia Vaccine -  Feline leukemia virus can result in a multitude of serious health conditions ranging from anemia to cancer to even death. Cats with leukemia often show no signs or symptoms in the early months and years, making it very easily transmittable. Feline leukemia is the leading cause of death in North American cats and it can be prevented. There is a test available to check your cat's status. We strongly recommend the leukemia vaccine for your cat if he or she has contact with other cats and dogs, goes outdoors, travels, boards, or goes to the groomer. The cost of the leukemia vaccine is $26.50 and it is done annually.


Spay or Neuter - An appointment should be scheduled in advance to receive this service while boarding. 


Teeth Cleaning - An appointment should be scheduled in advance to receive this service while boarding.


Feline Declawing - An appointment should be scheduled in advance to receive this service while boarding.


Apply or Administer Flea or Tick Prevention - Make sure your beloved pet is protected from pests such as fleas and ticks. We offer a variety of products to help you do just that. These products include: Comfortis, Advantage, Advantix, and Frontline

Apply or Administer Heartworm Prevention - (Must have proof of a negative heartworm test in the last 12 months OR a written prescription.) Make sure your furry friend is protected against this deadly disease. Heartworm disease is an often fatal, easily preventable disease that is spread by mosquitoes. With a once monthly, affordable heartworm medication, prevention has never been easier. WIth the cost of treating heartworm disease ranging from $500 to $1000, why not spend pennies a day to prevent it from happening?

• Feline Leukemia/AIDS Combination Test - Feline leukemia and AIDS can affect cats in similar ways and can both be deadly. Signs and symptoms can vary ranging from anemia to cancer to even death. They are both highly contagious and are spread through cat to cat contact. Leukemia and AIDS generally show no signs or symptoms in the early months and years, making it easily transmittable to others. Early detection of these diseases will enable you to manage them, maintain the health of you cat, and help to prevent the spread of infection to other cats. This test is recommended for all cats that have never been tested, especially cats that have been or lived outdoors, been adopted, rescued, or have had contact with cats that have. The cost of this test is $40.00.


Allergy Testing - Does your pet have a chronic problem such as itching, ear infections, vomiting, and diarrhea? All of these can be signs of an allergy problem. We have the option to do serum allergy testing through Spectrum Laboratories. We often test for indoor, outdoor, and food allergies in both cats and dogs. With these tests, we can eliminate the cause of the problem, or help to control your pet's problem if it is something that cannot be eliminated. The cost of this procedure varies depending on the conditions your pet has. Please talk with a staff member for more information.


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Veterinary care by appointment.


**All walk-ins will be subject to a convenience fee of $30.

For after hours emergency care we recommend Great Lakes Pet Emergencies:

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Also available is Oakland Veterinary Referral Services:

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Michigan State University Emergency Services:

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